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Kick sugar to the curb package – 4 weeks of private coaching + 1 in depth dietary analysis.

Perfect for brides-to-be who:

  • Would like to lose a considerable amount of weight (12-24 pounds) whilst gaining back confidence.
  • Feel sluggish, need a good boost of energy and motivation to get the wedding planning mojo back.
  • Are looking to work together to create strategies and put plans in place to help cope with stressful times and sail through to your wedding day.
  • Are tired of yo-yo dieting and need an accountability partner who is going to keep them on track.
  • Would like to know how to listen to their body and gain back control.
  • Have 1 months or more before their chosen wedding day to implement these changes for good.
Tabula Rasa – deluxe package comprising 12 weeks of private coaching (Starts January).

Perfect for brides-to-be who:

  • Are feeling lost, struggling with and/or confused around health issues.
  • Want to build confidence, and completely reset body and mindset.
  • Wish to increase activity skills to get fitter and stronger.
  • Need a complete diet overhaul and may wish to lose over 24 pounds.
  • Have 6 months or more before their wedding date to commit to long-term health improvement and long lasting changes.

How can these programs work for me?


All of my plans takes a holistic approach based on balancing food groups to maximise your nutrient intake. There is a focus on introducing more real whole foods into the diet with an emphasis on plant-based choices and reducing intake of what your body doesn’t need to survive.


Planning a wedding can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, and lacking motivation, which in turn can lead to feeling bloated after meals, constantly having cravings, and unable to sleep. It can feel frustrating not getting to the bottom of why this may be and for some of you, you may have just already accepted that this is the way things are meant to be for you… but this isn’t so! You need all the support so that you are full of energy and clarity, so the lead up to your wedding can be just as memorable as the day itself. Making adaptions to dietary changes, being aware of timing and routines, adopting certain practises and learning about the importance of body confidence can help to increase positive cycles of body and mind, helping you to enjoy your work life, family time and recreational activities.


In order to find the ideal match for you I am flexible and can offer more extensive packages depending on your needs. If you are looking to lose a considerably large amount of weight or have more specific goals outside of those advertised then please enquire through the contact form. The minimal time I offer for this type of intensive coaching is three months as this is an ideal time to establish long-lasting changes and address health issues. It also ensures that this is done in a safe, supported and sustainable way.

“Are you done with diets and quick fixes? Cabbage soup, celery juicing and no carbs not quite doing it for you? Your Nutrition & Lifestyle care plan is tailored personally to suit your lifestyle, goals and tastes.”

So what next?

Please do get in touch for a free 30 minute well-being discovery chat. This way you can speak to me and get a feel for whether I can help you with your health goals and suit your set of circumstances. You can ask me any questions – however strange they may sound to you! I completely understand that nutrition is a complete minefield and its important that we are a suitable match.

If after speaking you wish to enrol on my coaching programme then please be aware of the following:

  1. Once you have paid for the coaching sessions you can only claim for a refund before your first session take place. I only work with people who are committed to the programme so please only proceed if you are 100% ready to take part in the transformation programme. I have this legal contract in place so both you and I are protected.
  2. My discovery calls are there so that you feel entirely comfortable with booking my programmes. Please do arrange a time to speak through in reservations that may be holding you back.
  3. There is nothing more enjoyable then watching someone succeed and reach their goals. Clicking that button below brings you one step closer to your dreams.

“Tanya is non-judgemental and has a very calming personality. She would not let me say one bad thing about myself. From session 1 she was cheering for me all the way and that’s what someone needs before their wedding day.

~Donna Perkins~