Kick sugar to the curb programme

4 Weeks of coaching

What if I told you in 4 weeks you could gain back control of your diet. Kick sugar to the curb is perfect for brides who wish to feel great and look like the bee’s knees on their wedding day. 4 weeks may seem like a short amount of time, but with the right mindset and motivation, it’s enough to see and feel noticeable changes. This package gives brides-to-be the kick start that you need to achieve a happier, healthier body and mind on the lead up to the big day.

Whatever the health and lifestyle goals you set yourself, we will work around you and you wedding plans, and help you to feel in the best shape in the most efficient safest way for the biggest day of your life.

Say hello to a happier healthier you with:

  • …no longer stuck in a weight loss plateauu

  • …bursts of energy

  • …a clear head

  • …feeling well rested

  • …no more cravings

With this purchase you will receive 4 sessions (60 minutes) of 1-2-1 coaching online/phone and 2 in depth dietary analysis with ongoing support and accountability via email/messaging.


  • 4 x online coaching sessions via zoom
  • Weekly ongoing support via voice message
  • Full diet and lifestyle analysis pack
  • Weekly action steps to keep you accountable

Please note All weight loss is done within a healthy controlled pace sticking to an average of 2lbs loss per week. This may vary dependent on the individual and their circumstances.


Session 1 – Initial consultation and information gathering. 

This is a chance for me to explain the role of a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in detail and for us to establish your goals. We will then discuss your pre-completed nutrition profile questionnaire in depth, and I can collect any additional information to help with analysing data.

Session 2 – Analysis and interpretation on findings – Client food diary and Nutrition and Lifestyle profile.

Part A) During this session I will give feedback on your results. This will include a macro-nutrient, micro-nutrient, vitamins, and minerals analysis. And a further in-depth look into missing and sub-optimal phytonutrients, food groups, etc. Additional information will include stress, energy levels, and sleep.

Part B) We will then look at areas of focus and together create reasonable action steps (5 nutrition focus and 5 lifestyle focused) which you will then implement to take you closer to achieving your goals.

Session 3 – Introduction to blood sugar balancing & macro-nutrients.

I will walk you through a simple process of how blood sugar imbalances can effect weight gain and other health issues. And how balancing your macros on your dinner plate can benefit you.

Session 4 – Energy crashes and sugar cravings.

Identifying what might be the cause of your energy roller coaster, improving your sleep and exploring ways to leave you feeling more energized.

This is our final session together. After a final analysis of your new and improved personal food diary, we will look at what progress you have made during our 4 weeks and leave you with some new goals to continue the journey ahead confidently on your own… or with some additional lessons if you wish to book more.

*Additional coaching sessions for follow up consultations once the programme is finished are charged at £75 per hour. The session would involve an updated analysis and interpretation to see which goals have been already met. The rest of the session would be client led in order to find new areas of focus.

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LIMITED OFFER!!! Bonus sessions 

There will be an option to take part in bonus sessions made available to all clients who take part in the 4 week course. Cost is £75 per session or £180 if you book all 3. You can choose any of the following:

  • Food labels and shopping lists – A practical interactive workshop that teaches you how to make sense of food labels and shop with confidence.
  • How to stay active –  During this session you will have a consultation with a Personal Trainer or Yoga Teacher to work out ways to improve your fitness.
  • How to relax – This workshop brings you into the world of meditation, breathing and mindfulness to help you during stressful times.