Are the demands of planning a wedding increasing your stress levels and making it harder for you to reach your health goals?

With the power of optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you towards feeling the best ever together, we will help to improve your health and emotional well-being. I created my Nuli Coaching Nuli Bride Programmes to help you to eat healthily within a busy period. I’ll be combining my expert nutritional science knowledge with motivational coaching to help you make healthier choices. There is also practical support for weekly shopping trips, meal planning and sugary treat alternatives for extra guidance.

What does the term Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach mean?

As an NLC I will be combining my knowledge of nutrition and my coaching skills to support your long-term diet and lifestyle changes to benefit your overall health. Ideally, you should not just settle for better health, but the best possible health for you.

What is the difference between a Nutritionist and an NLC?

All nutritionists work from a biomedical model and advise people what to eat to achieve a health-related goal. This focuses purely on nutrition and biological factors, excluding psychological, environmental and social influences. Nutritionists can diagnose, cure and treat named diseases (e.g. diabetes, high/low blood pressure, IBS etc) through changes in nutrition.

NLCs work from a holistic model and understand that every individual is different, and therefore it is important to take all factors (economic situation, physical environment, lifestyle factors, support, etc) into consideration while motivating you to move forwards. We aim to prevent the onset of long term disease and illness. Eating a balanced diet, appropriate exercise regimes, having the correct amount of sleep and reducing stress levels are some of the things we can look at to maximise your health.

How do we work together?

 During the sessions I want you to see me as an ally. Rather than me telling you what to do you need to decide for yourself what changes you are willing to make. Together we will look at factors that could be preventing you from obtaining better health. We will also look together at tailoring individualised wellness programmes and seeking out areas of improvement. You also need to be accountable for your actions. Accountability is an important step I focus on with all my clients.

My areas of expertise

Balanced diets/lifestyle
I have extensive scientific knowledge of nutrition and the biology of the body. I am also experienced with different dietary requirements and limitations, e.g. vegetarianism, veganism, keto, etc.

Meal prep, planning and cooking
There is no need for complicated stressful cooking times. I create easy hassle-free recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Money & time-saving
I have a strong interest to make healthy living accessible for all population groups regardless of background, income, etc.

Behavioural change
I can help my clients to reflect on values and beliefs that they may hold which could result in addictive behaviour patterns. Together we will create new, achievable strategies to reach your goals and create new sustainable habits.

Building a healthy relationship with food
Using a holistic approach I will help decipher why clients crave certain foods, and tune into their specific nutrition needs whilst creating wellness programmes tailored to the individual.